Surplus Chemicals


Jaxon Chemical is the market leader in the beneficial use of surplus chemical and petroleum products, combining the strength of its engineering and project success with market and regulatory know-how to provide innovative beneficial solutions for industrial and refining customers throughout the world.
Jaxon Chemical’s vision is to enhance its global market leadership position in beneficial use by providing comprehensive, repeatable, sustainable solutions for secondary chemicals and petroleum products. We are accomplishing this vision through the ongoing development of people, processes and technologies unique within our markets.

Beneficial Surplus Chemical Reuse Solutions

Jaxon Chemical, a Houston based company which specializes in buying and selling surplus chemicals, was founded in 2016 by Rich Miskowski. A Purdue University Chemist with over 40 years of experience in the International Chemical industry.

Jaxon Chemical will utilize its capabilities in sales, marketing, technical, product and program management to generate new business development from stagnant unwanted chemical inventory liabilities.

We are proactive in marketing activities that create pragmatic solutions to your unwanted chemical liabilities.  Creating Value in all We Do.

Contact us today to begin converting your surplus chemical liabilities into substantial corporate gains.