The Jaxon Chemical Exchange utilizes a Bid/Ask price format auction process. Certain rules apply which are outlined below.

  • Sellers asking price is optional but highly encouraged.
  • Buyers bid price can be accepted by Seller at any time.
  • Deal cancellation by due diligence of either party is allowed at any time.
  • 2nd chance Buyer option is available.
  • There is no time limit for Sellers.
  • Shipping and payment options arranged by Buyer / Seller agreements.
  • Buyer and Seller connected after Bid Price acceptance.
  • Seller pays 10% Commission (max) to Jaxon Chemical LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to create an account to place a bid on an item?

A. You do not need to signup to place a bid on a item.

Q. How do I place a bid on an item?

A. Click on the View/Bid button for the item you would like to place a bid on and enter the required information (Name, Email, and Bid Amount ).

Q. How do I signup to sell surplus chemicals on the exchange?

A. Anyone can create a seller account. Visit the Seller Portal and click on the Create Account link to setup your account.