The Jaxon Chemical Exchange utilizes a Bid/Ask price format auction process. Certain rules apply which are outlined below.

  • Sellers asking price is optional but highly encouraged.
  • Buyers bid price can be accepted by Seller at any time.
  • Deal cancellation by due diligence of either party is allowed at any time.
  • 2nd chance Buyer option is available.
  • There is no time limit for Sellers.
  • Shipping and payment options arranged by Buyer / Seller agreements.
  • Buyer and Seller connected after Bid Price acceptance.
  • Seller pays 10% Commission (max) to Jaxon Chemical LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to create an account to place a bid on an item?

A. You do not need to signup to place a bid on a item.

Q. How do I place a bid on an item?

A. Click on the View/Bid button for the item you would like to place a bid on and enter the required information (Name, Email, and Bid Amount ).

Q. How do I signup to sell surplus chemicals on the exchange?

A. Anyone can easily create a seller account and upload inventory. However, approval is required before your inventory can be made public on the exchange.

To get started, visit the Seller Portal and click on the “Create Account” link to set up your account.